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Below is a link to the website of ‘Buchbinderei und Prägerei Edmund Schaefer’.

The Schaefer family’s association with this bookbindery in Cologne, Germany, dates back to the mid-19th Century and it was here that Wolfgang Schaefer perfected his trade. 

The Schaefer bookbindery – brief history of a family company 

The bookbindery is founded by Franz Nicolai at 6 Strassburger Gasse, Cologne, Germany in 1840. In 1919, Anton Schaefer takes over the company, eventually changing its name to ‘Buchbinderei und Prägerei Schaefer’ in 1939. 

The Schaefer bookbindery is destroyed by Allied bombing during the second World War on 20 April 1944. After the war, Anton Schaefer together with his Son Edmund rebuilds the business, relocating it to 48 Gereon Strasse in 1946.  

Following Anton Schaefer’s death in 1957, his son Edmund continues to expand the company, resulting in a move to larger premises at 24 Maastrichter Strasse. 

Continuing in the family tradition, Edmund’s son Wolfgang qualifies as Master-bookbinder in 1970.

The company is re-named ‘Buchbinderei und Prägerei Edmund Schaefer’ following the death of Anton’s widow Therese in 1974. 

Wolfgang Schaefer and his family migrate to Australia in 1982 and he founds ‘Bookart’ three years later. 

In 1989, with the retirement of Edmund Schaefer, long-time employee Hans-Dieter Jung takes over the Cologne bookbindery. Ownership of ‘Buchbinderei und Prägerei Edmund Schaefer’ is transferred to his colleague Dirk Jachimsky after the retirement of Mr. Jung in January 2008.

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